Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elder Souza Leaves to Attend Mother's Funeral

Umm this last week was a little crazy, I found out last week after emailing that my comps mother has cancer and that he has been calling home every week the last 2 transfers to talk to his family and theres been alot of problems at home etc...and just monday his mom died and dont need to go into details but he ended up going home and in the mission i think the rule is you have 3 days to do what you need to do at home and then you have to return, so I think and hope he returns tomorrow night but we´ll see. Right now I'm with Elder Araujo and my old comp from the ctm and having a good time with them. We still worked in my area yesterday because we have three more baptisms this week on Saturday and maybe two more as well this week. Last week we did baptise Luana and Bruno and will have a member I know send you pictures of everything, so you'll get that later this week.

Today for P-day we went to the central part of the city to get money. That takes more than an hour by bus to get there so 3 hours about total there and back. It stinks but the only way to get money and we also visited the mission office to get mail etc...I saw President and Sister Beynon there. She gave us cake to eat and now I'm back in benedito bentes emailing you. My comp should be back tomorrow night my president said so I hope he'll be able to focus on the work and people we need to baptise, but he is taking it really hard right now so well see how things go. Thanks giving, when is it? dont think I'll eat anything for that occasion but we have a mission fiesta December 18 with everyone, so that should be fun. The language is doing ok. I understand a lot more and talking better, but could always be better. Yeah the president gave me money to buy two fans. That was 130 reais for both but well worth it and is alot more better now when I sleep.

Yeah I went to Baha Sao Miguel my last transfer with my district and was fun at the beach and thats were I burned my feet really bad and had to work with blisters etc...was fun. Tell everyone happy holidays etc...ask them for money:) hehe kidding but give them all hungs for me.

Love you all and you should get photos this week of our baptisms.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Transfer to Hot Maceio

Ok well I need to be fast before my time wasn't the web site that lost everything, it was the computer place. After your time runs out you usually have all your info still there and you can just ask them for more time, but at this place it shuts everything down and even if you copy paste etc you lose it all so yeah and right now dont have much time to write because we have stuff to do today...So I am in Maceio, Benedito Bentes 1, Trabaleiro zona. My comp is Elder F. Souza. He speaks only Portuguese so I should learn a lot more of the languange from him. We have a 2-3 baptisims this week and a lot more we're working on in the next 3 weeks. It's really hot here and summer doesn't start for another month. My home is really hot too because we don't have fans and it's really hard to sleep at night with the heat and all the mosquitos buzzing around my face. I wake up every morning with my bed drenched in sweat and so I'm going to ask the president for money to buy fans because there's no air ventilation in my room. Umm I got your pakage and thanks for everything. Ummm I already bought the same razor you sent me and cost me like 50 reais, but thanks for it. Don't worry about sending a shaver it will do fine even though I hate using it. In my last area the baptism I was supposed to do was done last week by the other elders there now and they're working with the family and other man we were working with to be baptized. Yeah I really hate these computers here and need to find a better place to email...K well if you have anymore things you want to know, ask me and sorry for this short letter, but need to go do other things today.

Love Brian

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lost His Email

Yeah I just wrote a big letter and had attached 2 pictures and during the last attachment my time on the computer ran out and so I lost it all, so I'm pretty upset about it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baptism in Arapiraca

Teeny Tiny Email

Ok I wont open it till christmas, no dont need a tree, cant think of anything else really just money cause im going to buy a new bible and a 8gig usb mem and a battery charger with rechargable batteries and more ties yeah if you want to help me buy these that would help. Transfer is next monday and thats when we find out where we go, but i think im leaving so well see. We had a baptisim last saturday and have another this saturday. Things are going good, thx for the photos and ill send some more to you today, whats grannys adress? They dont celebrate halloween here but they had their own holiday the day before celebrating when they were their own indepent state, i guess arapiraca was its own state at a time.

K well love you all -Brian-