Tuesday, June 8, 2010

While In Brazil

Hey so we are now traveling throughout Brazil with Brian and made it here just fine. We drank jennipapo and are having a blast. Can you tell Brian is writing this long email? Hope everyone is good. See you soon, Mom
Gotta get back to surfing-Dad (Brian is pretty much a comedian as he wrote this)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Last Mission Email!

Ok well Sorry I didn’t get anything sent to you yesterday, we had lots of things to do and only had time to email quickly to President Beynon.

So, as each day flies by I get crazier thinking on how you’ll be here. I have been dreaming for 2 years and I guess its time for me to wake up and come home.

The week was crazy. We were teaching this family that isn’t married and we had to get the guy separated and very long story short, it will be six months until he is officially separated and able to get married again. So we don’t have anyone really at the moment to baptize for this week, but had a fun time anyways at district meeting, we went in all white and felt good.

Yesterday I cleaned my home for the last time and then visited some people to arrange for next week when you can meet them and then we played soccer. Today is a holiday and have few people outside so I figured I would email you one last time.

So the name of the taxi driver is Primo and Ill have him there to pick you up at the air port and Ill try n see if I can make it there to greet you, but if not I’ll have him there with a sign and I’ll tell him to pick you up at 7:30 to go to Pres. Beynon’s home.
So we will need I think just 7 tickets to Recife which includes us too. One family is going up there early and will stay at a family’s house and that just leaves the other family of four, so it will be just the seven of us.
Also I was seeing that on the next Friday will be Santo Antonio which is a fairly big holiday and Recife is where its biggest I think and I’ll see if I can get any info on that on any festas we can go to and watch the dances and fireworks etc.....

The mission has been great and I know in the long run will be a strength for me and my family in living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have gained a strong desire to always learn more and to better myself in living all of Christ’s attributes that you find in chpt 6 PMG. I have gained a greater vision of what the Lord wants of me and of what I need to do in my life. I know that Christ is our only source for salvation and will be impossible to be saved in ignorance. There has been no better feeling throughout my mission than being dressed in white with an investigator in the water. Thank you everyone for your many prayers on my behalf and I have been able to feel that throughout all my mission. I love you all and will always remember these last 2 years here in the Brazil Maceio Mission.