Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brian's New Comp and His Area of Aracaju'

Elder Roberts with his new comp, Elder Souza from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Welcome to Brian's area in Aracajú/Sergipe
A view of the city This is the baptism that almost didn't happen, because this young man almost forgot to come.

Craig Gets His Mission Call...

Yeah like I told Craig, New Jersey is a different world from what he’s used to, so I think he will love it and it seems like the right place for him. (Brian's younger brother Craig, got his mission call to Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania and leaves the end of February.)

Yeah the whole re-new thing is after a year you need to re-new your visa, but my name was thrown on a list among many other names and it can take a long time like it is right now. I’ve been almost 6 months illegal here in the country. If I did anything bad they would deport me.
(I asked him how often they have to renew their visas)

Shaved Sunday, Monday was transfers, Tuesday was day of transfers, and my comp didn’t get here till Wednesday and that was when I shaved. Longest I’ve gone in the mission without shaving. (He said he hadn't shaved for 3 we asked how come)

My comp is 20 years old, from a family of 6, I think. He served already as a counselor to the bishop before he came, he likes Mike Jones and other rap music, and the natives stay 3 weeks in the CTM.

I always see lots of elders receive packages in boxes 4 times the size of the ones you if you want to try it go ahead, I believe they travel the same way.

Lunch today I made the macaroni you sent me, but no almost everyday a different member feeds us lunch and when we make it we usually buy quetinhas which is rice n beans n meat. (I asked how often he eats with a member and how often he cooks his lunch)

Ohhh I didn’t know what you meant about the nativity thing, but I'll look next p-day to see if I find one and get it sent to you. Would have been nice to know that earlier because today I went to the center to buy me an early Christmas present. (I asked him to look for a nativity from Brazil for him and me. It's not something he needs to send home)

So yeah last week went well. Sunday kinda fell through and had this good family and well just teaching the mom and two daughters because the dad won't talk to us, but anyways she was all ready to go Sunday when I passed by to go with her and I was all excited because she was awake and looked ready to go, but then she shows me her arm that’s in pain and that she will go to the hospital to have it x-rayed and what not so yeah was fun.

Today we cleaned some more and we played soccer with the other missionaries. Oh and my comp also played on Sao Paulo’s sub 20 soccer team which is like playing AAA baseball so he has future desires to continue playing professionally and wants to train others and gain money through that. My last comp also played soccer and had been invited to play on a team like that too before he came on the mission.

And we also went to the center where I bought my hammock for my Christmas present and will send pictures of it.

Ok well I love you all and was nice to hear from you guys.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm A Trainer!

Happy Fall to you guys too. Man that letter you wrote or maybe I should say book was interesting...hehe kidding, but sounds like a lot is happening there. (Hey it was only 3 pages...I had a lot of things to tell him about. :)

So transfers were this week and I´ll be staying and my comp left and I'm training a new guy. His name is Elder Souza and from São Paulo and just got here today, literally a few hours ago. We spent our time today cleaning our home...what a mess I left our home. It took hours to get it clean again, but is now clean and I won't let that happen again. After that I paid our water and light bills and now we are emailing. So I'm all excited to be training my son which makes me a daddy :)

I also went the past 3 days without shaving hehe. Dont get mad, but I'll send pictures for you to see. I already shaved today if you were worried still. (We never got any pictures)

So yes last week the baptism almost fell through because the kid forgot and wasn't home and no one knew where he was and we looked for an hour for him and didn't find him...then about 30 minutes later he shows up and I ended up baptizing him and all confirmations happen in sacrament meeting usually by one of the members, although I have done confirmations before. Our district baptized 30 people this last transfer and I don't think I'll ever see that many in one of my districts in a long time.

So at the moment we have no one preparing for baptism, but we will work on that tonight. Yes it's getting to summer time. Doesn't offically start until December, but is hotter than normal. There is a saying that there are only two seasons here: hot with rain, and hot without rain. You can send the mission president beef jerky, (We just found out it's illegal to send jerky to Brazil, so no more jerky for Brian until he comes home) just kidding, but a card or something is always nice.

Yeah visas etc....I've been here illegal for the past 6 months hehe. (There is a huge hold up on visas right now with the elders who are supposed to be going to Brazil. They have over 250 waiting at the Provo MTC, to go to Brazil. They may be sent stateside if they don't come soon. They are only issuing about 4 a month right now. It's a big deal) My name is on a list as well to get my papers renewed or something, but can take a while.

I just remembered and not sure if you sent it or not, but a long time ago I said you could send me a confetti cake with confetti cake frosting. (I have it, and totally forgot to put it in his package. I guess it will go in the next one I send) Ok well I love you all and will be sending some fotos.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun Happenings in Brazil

Thank you to my family and to the Smith's for the wonderful goodies I got for halloween!
These are some of the elders Brian played soccer with today.
Brian has a member who is working with old documents and he figured it woud be fun to try it out.
Brian is holding one of the original documents
from the 1850's. He said it was fun trying to read it.
Brian's caption for this picture is: "Stay away from smoking"
Brian tried his hand at making lasagna. YUM!

Joselane and Cosme are Baptized!

Yeah the week went well in that we baptized again and found another one for this week! We baptized Joselane and her brother Cosme and her mom is going to church and know she would be baptized too, but her husband is the problem and she isn’t married so....but we did have a lady who has been bringing her grandson the past two weeks and turns out he lives in our area and we will baptize him on Saturday.

Craig? Mission? Where? When?

Today for p-day we got up at 5:00 to leave at 5:30 to get to Atalia for our two zone activity thing and turned out really lame and too many buses for me to have patience to do it there again. I think the next time we will do it at the stake center.....the activity was soccer, bbq, movie, games, but we can do all that at the church building and a lot easier to do.

Sunday was like normal. A lot of good people didn’t go and same old story. The mission is going good and loving all of it. I’m going to cut it short so I can send you some pictures.

Love Brian