Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Baptisms on Saturday!

So this week went a lot better. We got a record 4 people to church and have three people we will baptize on Saturday! Our guy Hector from Sao Paulo who is here working has been going for the last three weeks by himself and has been really hard to teach him because of his work schedule and when we taught him in his home is was full of cigarette boxes and so we new that would be a problem. But he has been going and told us he has a desire to be baptized and so Sunday we taught him the word of wisdom and we had in mind stealing all his cigarettes and he then told us that those were all empty boxes and he had smoked those a long time ago and that he just wanted to keep them to show how much money he wasted on them, he said he knew they weren’t good for him and that he quit a few months ago. We were so thrilled and told him his baptism is this Saturday and he’s excited for it all.

The other two is a lady that we did a huge service project with the ward in painting their house and the Relief Society cleaned it and was really nice because she just had a baby, making 6 kids and helped to reactivate her family. They’re now coming to church and her husband stopped drinking and they are improving. So anyways we were talking to them and come to find out she tells us that when her husband was baptized that she wasn’t because she had had a cast on her arm and wasn’t able to be baptized at the time. So we checked the records in the church to see if she was there and she isn’t so we are going to baptize her and her daughter. Her name is Sandra and her daughters name is Saria. So this should make for a good end to this transfer in our area.

Today we went to two different museums and took lots of pictures of some of the things here in my area. Then me n Elder Lundgreen went to McDonalds and ate lunch and found out that they opened up the new Subway here so we will be going there next week. Tomorrow is our conference with Elder Didier and then Saturday we are doing another service project of painting a member’s garage.

It hasn’t rained too hard lately, but it does rain here and there everyday and every night. But everytime it rains hard our street floods like in those pictures and is cool to watch. I know you would like me to write more, but my weeks are the same stuff every week and not much changes. So just know that I love you all and if anything crazy happens you’ll be sure to know about it. Send the Huber’s my love and will be sure to pray for them. Things are all going good and am excited of course to be hitting my year mark in Brazil in a few weeks here!

K well Love you all, Brian

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Talking and Relaxing!

This is how Brian talked to us on Mother's Day
Brian is relaxing in a hammock while talking to us on Mother's Day

Photos from the Beach!

Enjoy these views from the Beach.

It Was So Fun to Talk to Brian On Mother's Day!

Hey so Monday night I got really sick and have been bed ridden since and so my letter today will be short again so that I can go home and sleep more.

So yeah it was awesome to call home and talk to everyone. The thing I wanted that would be nice is a business card type thing with: Elder Roberts, my mission address and home address, 2008-2010. I think that’s all I need on it so that would be cool to have like 100 of those to give to people. Another thing I thought of that would be fun to make is some Mac n cheese.

I’m not sure what I got but I’m feeling a little better today and hope it continues to improve. Currently we only have 1 guy going to church and we were actually surprised he went on Sunday all by himself. So we haven’t been able to teach him more because of me being sick, but we will and need to help with his smoking and other bad habits, but he has a desire to be baptized. We just need to see how much he wants it.

I told the lady to resend the pictures of the rain and my trip and of the phone call on the hammock, so let me know if you ever get them. If not I’ll have to help her figure that one out. She’s not too smart with computers.

Ummm so next week Charles Didier will be doing our zone conference and will fun to see and hear from him. Last Sunday I guess Elder Bednar was in our stake giving a special Mother’s Day devotional for our stake and was kind of a last minute thing because they didn’t announce it until that Sunday in church. Instead of me going to that I talked to you guys, but it was worth it.

Ok well I love you all and thanks for all the packages and prayers and love. Brian

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Only A Few More Days Until Brian Calls!

Ok well let’s get the calling situation worked out first. So Tate will call at 2pm and I think that’s just fine. I can talk to my mom during that time and when you guys are ready to call me just call my mom on her cell phone and she can tell me over the phone. So the phone is a land connection and shouldn’t have problems. So just tell people to come at a different hour please.

Yeah I’ve seen skype but don’t care to use it and don’t know of anyone in my ward with it.

So Mariajose has a home in an interior city called Pilar and we spent all day today there and I took a lot of pictures and was a fun day and will try and get them sent before Sunday and will explain them over the phone if you want.

Yeah I remember those guys and is crazy that their coming home already. (Two RM's just returned home in our ward and another one coming next month) Crazier that Craig will get his call this year and be gone before I finish my mission.

Well don’t have much time for this email, but will talk on Sunday to make up for it.

Love Brian