Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I didn't get to talk as I wanted but w/e. I'll have it better figured out for the next time, the stupid phone had only a 15 minute battery and then she didn't tell me she had a cell phone that could do international calls untill later but w/e it was good talking. After I talked to you I talked to my mom and then it was about 10pm and the lady there made us stay and eat dinner with her family(yeah 10pm) pretty late, but she wouldn't let us leave without eating again. So we ate and then got home 10:40ish, but it was a good Christmas day.

Right now there is going to be a big party near my home and will go all night and will be lots of drunks everywhere, but we are having our own party at my district leader´s home and will spend the night there playing games etc... tomorrow will be bad and I don't think we will even work. I don't know why the president didn't change our p-day to tomorrow but w/e. I tried to make appointments with people for tomorrow, but everyone is leaving or will be drunk and asleep all day so like I said we have nothing for tomorrow.

All the homes I've seen and been in, have a special shower thing that has only two options very hot or very cold. (I told him Tate misses hot water more than anything, and has none) I personally like the hot better than the cold, but that's just me and my last home actually only had cold water and at times zero water. I got Stacie's package and it was perfect! I loved the office note book thingy. I will use it always at conferences and stuff for note-taking and I'm sure all the Americans will understand the humor in it, at least I do and the cereal was great too. THANKYOU!

New years: they party, music, drinking, probably shooting, I think somone will you have 17 months to think about if you still want to visit this place. The way I see it is 3 americans walking around asking to get robbed. So church last Sunday was good, not too many people came because of all the parties and will be the same this week too. My new comp likes to do things a bit different when we work. We´ll go to a street and I'll knock the doors on one side and he´ll do the other side. I actualy like it a little because it gives me more practice of talking to people by myself and has gone well so far. We'll see how this Sunday goes. K well I'll try and get some photos n videos sent to you this week.

Love you all and feliz ano novo!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Brian's Christmas Day Email

Umm Feliz Natal,

Yeah I'll just talk to you on the phone, but I'm in the same area, new comp, E. De Campos. He's a black looking African guy that's like a little stick I could break, but a cool guy and a lot more fun than my last comp. Today will call from a member's cell phone and then you should be able to call me back. Don't you have caller id? Well I'll try to get the number for Brazil just in case you dont. My comps going to talk for 3 hours and so dont worry about time. Ummmmmmm so yeah, thanks for the gifts. It was fun to have stuff to open and I just gave the things I had double of to my comp.
K well talk to you later

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Excited to Call!

Ok well I think 2:00pm sounds good and is more convienent for others so if that's ok with you let everyone know that wants to talk to me. Julie can call the people in my family. I think I'll just call my dad and mom before that time so you don't need to worry about them. Some of my friends might come too like Mark n Jason n Henry...So I will call you from a member's phone here and then just call me back...that's the easier I think. And as far as time, no worries we'll play it as it goes...give everyone a chance to talk....I'll also let some of the other people here talk to you guys as well if you 2:00pm I'll call.

So today we just got back from a zone activity. We rented a soccer place out and had a bbq and played soccer and american football. It was lots of fun and I got more tanned. Last Sunday we baptized a girl 14 yrs Mariana. This week we will baptize a boy of 14 yrs Gabriel, and next Monday we will have transferrs and on Tuesday I should have a new comp. Who knows maybe
I'll be transfered but I'm sure I'll stay here. I took photos and videos, but won't get them sent to you for a while. By the way have you put money in my account yet? I have 10 letters I wrote 2 months ago and still need to send and I would love to send 4 packages to different people, but it's 50 reais minimum for the smallest boxes just to send and more with buying the stuff to send because I send the good expensive pretty much for 4 boxs looking at 250-300 if you want to give me money to do this that would be awsome because I want to send Jared, his family, you, and my sisters stuff....and I want to buy me a Maceio jeresy, but that can wait I guess.

So that's awesome way to go Robert, you are the man! Grande Abraço para você! Sounds like things are going good and will be fun to talk next week. I might email in the morning to check and make sure you guys are all set on times etc so if you want to email me anything go ahead and Ill check it early. Next week is pretty much going to be a slack off do w/e you want kind of week with it being transferrs and Christmas so should be fun.
k need to go, love you all

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brian Got a Christmas Tree!

Other package? I got a box with all the gifts and then a smaller one with beef jerkey etc....and I got one from Jared and his family and will open that on Christmas too...oh and I opened the calender you sent me so thx for that...when I looked at it I saw 1 year of my mission, many many days...Christmas....I think an hour should be good enough time. I'm pretty sure I'll be here in the same place for Christmas and you'll hear from my new comp and some of the members if you want...For email it depends on our day, like today we have nothing more to do right now so we are emailing for 2 hours, but on other days when we have other things to do we usually spend an hour. Last week, well we baptised 2 girls, Jessica e Tamires, both cousins. They live in the same home and the two hardest people I have ever worked with and hardest to baptize for me and my comp. We were so releaved after their baptism, we have been working with them for over a month and was a miracle they were baptised. I'll explain about them later on the phone but was a good week and have another girl we will baptise this week. We had stake conference and President n Sister Beynon spoke and had an area 70 there too. Was hard to get people to church but wasnt too bad. Today we ate at a family's home who we baptized and are going to baptize their grandma. They love us and wanted to feed us lunch before my comp leaves next transfer and so we could do it only on pday so that was today. They fed us fish, shrimp, chicken, rice, beans, noodles, coka-cola, was good and her son really likes me. He is 6 years old and said he wants me to baptize him and he held onto my arm the whole time and called me his dad and said he liked me better than his mom and grandma. Was funny so I guess I have a son now. We also went to centrol which takes 1hour1/2 to get there by bus and buses here are always crammed with people and I hate it. But we went there and I bought a Christmas tree and decorations just for you, so should be fun to set up. I haven't heard from Jared yet, but I did get his package. I need to send him one but I don't know his mission address or his parent's, but I think he's in Australia by now preaching the gospel doing an awesome job.

The weather I will's hot in the morning, afternoon is hotter, then evening it cools off and that's prime working time. The nights are pretty good but feels like there is less air flow at night so that's why I love having a fan. Lately it rained a little but not too much. It's also humid, but I'm used to it and don't feel it as much as I did the first few weeks here. But 80 degrees isn't too bad at all. Summer starts in a few weeks and I'll try and find out how hot it gets here to let you know. I have like 10 cards to send to people that I wrote almost 2 months ago, but w/e they'll get it when they get it. So I'll just call at a time when everyone is at home so remember I'm 4 hours ahead of you. Not sure what Tates timing is, and not sure how you want to do this because you guys will spend time opening gifts etc and other things and will be pretty crazy so just try and figure somthing out. I'll try and get more photos sent again of our baptisms etc and will decorate our home. I've given away some of the toys you sent me to some of the kids here and they just love them.

K well I love you and will talk soon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Primary Presentation

Primary children smiling with Elder Souza and Elder Roberts
This one looks more realistic. Kind of like true Primary kids in the back.

Baptism's of Marleide, Cicero, and Anderson

Brian, Marleide (25), Cicero (12), Elder Souza, and Anderson (10) at their baptism
Looks like they had a little too much fun with the frosting from the cake.

I bet he loves wearing sandals when he can.

Busy with Baptisms

Brian's email is nice and long today, because when he started writing, he hadn't got my email. It made him write more. I should do that every week. Haha

Ok well today we had interviews with the president and I got a package and a smaller one with that and it said you sent them on Nov 15 and 19th, so are these the ones you want me to wait to open? Try to let me know before I open them....and I can’t believe they got here so fast, the last one you sent took over a month to get here so I guess you just never know how long it will take.

Well this past week we baptized Marleide (25yrs), Anderson (10), Cicero (12yrs), and I think Jessica sent you the photos of those baptisms right? This week we are baptizing Jessica (17yrs) and her sister or cousin Tamires (16yrs). My companion returned and he is doing better. His family still has a lot of problems and he’s taking things pretty good so far. The cool thing I don’t know if I told you in the last letter is that his mom was baptized during his mission about 6 or 7 months ago and that was before the whole cancer thing etc...but we know were she is now and she stayed firm the church to the end. So yeah this last week we got little work done because it was just me and another elder that doesn’t know the area and I had only been here for 2 weeks and so I knew little but we still pulled our baptisms through and got two more marked and ready for this week. So it was a good week and will have to really pick it up this week which will be hard because this week is stake conference and it’s hard to get people to a different church far away so well see how it goes. Yeah I guess Christmas is coming up....have any plans? ummm I don’t know what time to call you all but I think if I use a members cell phone and call you then you call me back and it should charge your phone...idk but let me know Tate’s plans and well work out times. Ummm....I almost threw up for the first time. My companion said it was because I ate too much but I think it was what I ate that did it, but it never came up so I just sat in my bed for a while until I feel asleep. All is well now though and so still haven’t thrown up yet. Oh yeah I invited my friends to talk with me on Christmas is that ok? Henry, Jason, Mark etc...Ok well let me know how things go, how is Granny? Happy birthday Granny! Happy Birthday to everyone else, new baby yet? Ok good bye love ya all hugs n kisses etc....Brian

Brian just got my email, so he is now responding to that.

K well to be fast, I don’t like to take pics of the areas because if a person see a camera he will steal it and so yeah..but for you I will try and sneak some pics but like I said it isn’t good to carry a camera around with you, when I take it to our baptisms I always carry it in my scripture case...but yeah I already took pics of the house just didn’t send them. (Can you tell I asked him if he could take pics of his area so we can see what it looks like.) Well I don’t think I’ll have a Christmas tree but we do have a Christmas fiesta on the 18th of this month so well see if they give us one or whatever we do I’m sure it will be fun....yeah Thanksgiving for me this year was just a normal day here.

Bruno is the 10 yr old we baptized, Luana is the 10 yr old girl we baptized two weeks ago. idk if you got the other pics yet of last Saturdays baptism but yeah I explained those people already.

So I'll go open the Christmas stuff but save the others for Christmas, don’t worry I don’t expect a lot for Christmas. I really just look forward to talking to you. That stinks that you were all sick...get better. Yeah I’ll have a new comp when I call home on Christmas but I'll be in the same area. I know this because in my interview with the president he said my comp has been here for a long time and asked me if I’m learning the area good and so that pretty much means I’m staying and he is leaving...but I’m excited. Only 2 more weeks of the transfer and then Christmas. The last week of the transfer we have one of the area presidencies in Brazil coming to visit our mission and the president said to be on best behavior, haircuts, suit coasts, will be a fun week. Sister Beynon is awesome. She made us smoothies today and it's always fun to talk to her...well love you all and need to go so thanks for everything and try and let me know when is best for me to call and when Tate is calling.


New Photos from Maceio

We are excited to see Brian's smiling face. There is no explanation as to who these people are. Enjoy the pictures.

Brian and his companion, Elder Souza in their apartment.
Look it's the goose boy.