Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Been a Fun Week

It has been a fun week and went by fast.

So I’ve gotten hold of everyone that I want to go with us to Reciefe. My family that I baptized just emailed me today and said they were going to come visit me this month and that next month they are going to be sealed and would love to go with us in June! So up to now we have 4 people for sure that will be going with us and maybe 2 more of which I invited and I am waiting for response.

I’m not sure on the cost, but I would guess about 100-150 per person on traveling there...but that’s if we do buses...maybe we rent a van to take us everywhere.....need to plan that still. I think its better to stay 1 night and return the next day and I believe that the church owns some hotel type thing near the temple, might want to look into that, I have the number to the temple there that I’ll send to you next week. So it would be us and then 4-6 people.

So Eduardo Gomes is going good, I’m getting to know the area a lot better and know it better than my comp already. I don’t understand how he’s had 6 weeks here and doesn’t know where anything is or how to get anywhere. So we had 3 investigators at church and are preparing the three of them to be baptized and are looking for more to teach and be baptized. Was funny the other night I talked to a lady way Catholic and I asked her if she believed in the prophets and she said of course. It was them that prophesied the birth of Christ and then I explained that they also prophesied that the church would fall into apostasy and be restored through a prophet and she tried to explain that the church will be restored at the second coming of Christ...well it was funny for us because she was crazy, but anywhoo you had to be there to see the humor.

The house we live in is nicer than my last one. It’s big for just two people, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, kitchen, back space, front space, another room, living type room etc...

The ward is I think smaller, but we are getting references and the members are helping a lot more and am excited to work with them.

So yeah carnival was crazy. You can compare it all to Satan and we didn’t work that much the last 4-5 days and stayed home because all the people throwing eggs and flour, drinking, etc.....but its all over now and we are starting the work up.

Yeah I told Craig I think our cousin is serving in Pennsylvania so maybe he’ll see him.

Of course I remember the Hoops. Connor was in the troop and a great kid and tell them all hi and hugs from me and I appreciate their love and support for me here.

So hugs for rest of you and until another week!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An New Area...Eduardo Gomes


Ok well I'm trying to organize still the trip to the temple, but it is a little difficult being in another state, but I will get it done. So I feel bad inviting lots of people to go to the temple knowing that it won't be do you guys feel about it...if you want I'm willing to help pay for it. I've invited 3 married couples and 1 of them would bring two little kids that would be sealed to them, the other 2 couples have kids too, but would leave them behind and are already members and are really really good friends of mine. So I havnt received any for sure answer from any of them whether they will go, but my vision is that this will be our group going to visit the temple in Reciefe. So when I receive updates etc I'll be sure to fill you all in.

So I've been trasferred to a new area; Eduardo Gomes and it seems like I'm back to jungle land again, but it's part of the city here in Aracaju and not too far from my last area. My comp is Elder Fraga from Rio Grande Do Sul and he has a very strong accent and it can be hard to understand him and seems like everyone else doesn't understand him either, but a great guy and hope all goes well.

I spent today cleaning our house and haven't finished cleaning yet, but will get it done. we ate lunch at a girls house who will be getting baptized next week and she made all of us lazania.

Ohh yeah I got your package and we made cake and everything, but I forgot to copy the pictures and I'll have to get hold of them some how, but it was awsome and enjoyed the dried apple slices and macaroni etc. Thanks again for it all and remember I don't need anymore packages or anything because before you know it you'll be the way how is the passport thing going for you and Robert?

So a new area I'm excited and am still just getting to know the people and streets and members etc....

I love you all and until another week!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stake Conference Committment

I’m feeling better and eating lots of fruits...I do forget or get too lazy to spend money on healthy things, but I will try better to keep it up. I ate a whole watermelon last week and bought a big bag of oranges that will last me another week and bananas etc......

I believe the large fruit is called jaca and comes from trees believe it or not, we got it from a lady we baptized that lives in a city called Pilar and she has those trees that grow that fruit and I took lots of pictures of the guy she paid to climb up the giant tree and get the fruit. (I asked Brian what the name of the fruit was in a photo he has sent us a while back)

Burning the trash thing was a service project we did in Palmeira Dos Indios (Another picture I asked about)

Jatiuca is were the beach is and yes when I called home (Another question)

Last Sunday was stake conference and a young man brought two friends that we will work with. The talks were good and the stake president was like or I think it was the councilor and he said its been like 10 years he’s been in the stake and how he has seen others stakes that have grown so much that they have to rent out places to have stake conference and talked about how he hasn’t seen much change in our stake. They were all good talks and hope things change here.

The ward is still the same and hasn’t changed much, but maybe change will just take a long time.

P-day we went to the mall so my comp could by a shirt he wanted and then we made some frozen pizza for lunch!

Yes it will be raining everyday when you come so be prepared; an umbrella should be fine. I talked with president and my release date is June 8th and he said it is okay for you guys to get here on June 8th to pick me up and I have to leave the country by June 18th. So I think 5-6 days should be enough time. I did get sister Beynon’s email and phone number for you but I forgot to bring it with me right I’ll email it later to I will get you her email and you can ask her any questions you have.

HAPPY BDAY!!! Parabéns prá Você neste dia querida, muitos dias felizes muitos anos tambén (happy birthday song)

I love you and time is gooooing and movin


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Batismo do Enoque

Enoque's baptism. Notice Brian's short hair. He said last week that he shaved his head.
Happy Enoque before getting baptized.