Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enoque's Baptism

Well......I’m sick again....hehehehe

The senator is right and the sense of belonging part is hard here in our ward and in all the mission for that because all the people we baptize is with love and a good friendship and then we pass them on the to members and that’s when they lose that sense of belonging, which is why many go inactive.

Yeah I don’t remember much about me saying those things was a long time ago but is true.

I’ll ask the president on Monday when I see him about you coming and when.

Never fun being sick, but I’ve never thrown up yet on the mission, so tell Heidi she will get better.

So my week has been good up to yesterday when I started getting worse.
We baptized a profet (?) last Saturday, his name is Enoque...I’m pretty sure I told you about him. (He said this man had already prayed about the Book of Mormon and got his answer that it was true, even before they started teaching him.

Today I didn’t want to leave, but my comp was wanting to go eat Burger King so we went there today and I bought me a new jersey. By the way tell Jason the shirt he wants is 80 dollars.....and if there’s any money people want to give you, you can put it in my account :)

Ok well I love you all and I’ll try n get a picture to you this week. I also shaved my head.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yea, We Got Mail!

Sorry I didn’t have time to email last week because email was down and couldn’t sign in.

Almost didn’t have time today to email because we had activity zone with all the missionaries and then we had marked a baptism to do this afternoon, but things happened and he won’t be baptized till next week :(

I’m just stressed right now because of all the stupid stuff that is happing with our investigators. We had a baptism last week who was excited to be baptized and the day before his baptism his grandma from a different church goes and threatens to take away his computer and all the stuff she’s given him and his dad made him cry and made me a little upset.

The only good thing we had happen is we taught a members brother that’s living with him and the next day he said he received an answer to the Book of Mormon and wants to follow. He’s been to church many times and knows a lot of people and so we marked his baptism for this Saturday

Today’s activity was fun, we had over 30 missionaries and was at the church where we played soccer, games, had a movie put on the projector screen and ate lots of food

K well I love you all and by the way I still haven’t gotten your package yet...I was surprised it didn’t get here yet....if I don’t see it at interviews then I’m sure it got lost.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas in Brazil

Brian sitting in a tree over the water during a Christmas ward activity.
Elder Roberts and Elder Souza standing in the tree.
Elder Roberts by the river at the Christmas activity
Pres. and Sis. Beynon playing nose horns for our Christmas party.
Having fun with our zone during interviews with Sis. Beynon
Brian with his trainer Elder Guerra, (dad) and his comp that he is training (son) Elder Souza
Having fun with Sis. Beynon. She is a great mission mom!
The baptism of Manga 17 and his sister Camila 15yrs.
The felt Christmas tree that had notes from family and friends pinned all over it.
Bro and Sis. Hansen who are going home soon.
Brian and Elder Stembridge ( our moms are on the Missionary Moms site together)
Elder Plazier, Elder Peck and Elder Roberts
Elder Roberts and his comp Elder Souza from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun in the Zone!

Zone conference lunch break. Brian has his hand togther by his face and is in the background.
The big zone. Brian is barely visable on the right hand side.

No Mail Due to Computer Problems

No Email this week.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Found Cool People, But They Aren't Married!


Sounds like a fun week happening for you all.

Today we just went to the Costco store again and had marked to play soccer and eat with everyone, but that fell through and so we did nothing else.

We found many cool people, but out of all of them none of them are married....its depressing when they accept baptism, but then aren’t married...who knows let’s see what happens, maybe we baptize their kids.....

I wanted to talk a bit about what we will do when you both come down here to pick me up....what do you want to do?
One idea of something I think would be awesome would go to the temple in Reciefe and maybe see if there’s a way we can get one of the families I baptized to go with us.....anywhoo would you be willing to do that? Might have to pay for this family to go, but I’ll have to get details and find out if they can get work off etc....but we need to start planning that so I can get things in order.

Ok well good luck with the wedding stuff etc...Love Brian