Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An New Area...Eduardo Gomes


Ok well I'm trying to organize still the trip to the temple, but it is a little difficult being in another state, but I will get it done. So I feel bad inviting lots of people to go to the temple knowing that it won't be do you guys feel about it...if you want I'm willing to help pay for it. I've invited 3 married couples and 1 of them would bring two little kids that would be sealed to them, the other 2 couples have kids too, but would leave them behind and are already members and are really really good friends of mine. So I havnt received any for sure answer from any of them whether they will go, but my vision is that this will be our group going to visit the temple in Reciefe. So when I receive updates etc I'll be sure to fill you all in.

So I've been trasferred to a new area; Eduardo Gomes and it seems like I'm back to jungle land again, but it's part of the city here in Aracaju and not too far from my last area. My comp is Elder Fraga from Rio Grande Do Sul and he has a very strong accent and it can be hard to understand him and seems like everyone else doesn't understand him either, but a great guy and hope all goes well.

I spent today cleaning our house and haven't finished cleaning yet, but will get it done. we ate lunch at a girls house who will be getting baptized next week and she made all of us lazania.

Ohh yeah I got your package and we made cake and everything, but I forgot to copy the pictures and I'll have to get hold of them some how, but it was awsome and enjoyed the dried apple slices and macaroni etc. Thanks again for it all and remember I don't need anymore packages or anything because before you know it you'll be the way how is the passport thing going for you and Robert?

So a new area I'm excited and am still just getting to know the people and streets and members etc....

I love you all and until another week!

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