Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time Is Going So Fast!

Today went by too fast and I almost didn’t write you again ;) I emailed this morning, but didn’t receive your email and planned to write after our little trip to my last area where we ate lunch with a family friend that might go to the temple with us in June and when it was time for us to leave they bought a cake for us and so we kind of had to stay there longer and didn’t end up getting back home until now, so I’m emailing a little later than usual today.

Well the baptism could be a very long story......she is 15 yrs old and yes there was a lot of people there for her baptism and we have another one for this Saturday his name is Lucas and is 15yrs old. So at the baptisms and confirmations let’s just say there was confusion and a little apostasy with trying to baptize with the left hand and confirmation by someone who has only the Aaronic priesthood etc......

In our home it’s just the two of us and yes my first week we have had roaches, rats, millipedes, mosquitoes etc.......but the home is clean and will stay that way.

Trip: so yes Maceio is close enough to my areas to visit within those days except for the areas I’m passing in right now in sergipe, my opinion is that its just best to stay in Maceio and visit the areas I’ve past in Alagoas but if you want to see sergipe we would have to stay the night. I like the idea of ending the trip at the temple and so let’s plan it that way if possible and if we end up in Maceio then there’s a ward we can visit there. Shopping wise I don’t know but I know of places in Maceio that we can go to buy things and I was wanting to know if you can put money in my account so that if I’m transferred from Sergipe back to Maceio then I can buy some things I saw here that I would like to take home with me. (Also do you have any news about selling my truck? that could be money put into my account)

Wow Wally got home already. I guess it means there will be a home coming practically every month in our ward, 3 months is going to pass by really fast!

Well love you all and until another week!

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