Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Months and Going Fast!

Well this week was good. I can’t believe it either that it’s just these two months and is going by too fast. Easter here is buy chocolate for people and I think the bigger thing is their good Friday or holy week of eating just fish and partying and drinking etc....I’ll see if I can remember to color an egg or something.

There are people that do the leather thing but not here, they live somewhere else and you email to them what you want and they send it to you, in the north they do it in leopard skin o something. Cool but I don’t want anything just a new scripture in Portuguese because mine is molding like crazy and also I want one in Spanish because in two months I’ll start reading the book of Mormon in Spanish. I’m very excited to learn Spanish and plan on taking classes and working with Mexicans and eating Mexican food.

Congrats to John Hoopes? I think my uncle served there. (John got called to the Paris, France mission)

So remember that lady we gave a blessing to? Well an hour later she went to the hospital and 2 hours later the baby came and went all normal and they are both doing fine. They were both in risk of dying and they said that they would have to perform surgery to get the baby out, but went well and they thanked us a lot for the blessing and said if it wasn’t for it that things might of turned out differently. So we are teaching them the lessons but they aren’t married :( I hope we can get them married and baptized, but my problem is time and I don’t think we can get that all done before the end of this transfer and I think I’ll be in a different area next transfer. But I know if not now someday they will be married and baptized in the church.

Yeah, for the 3 couple going to the temple with us, I want to give them a picture framed of the Salt Lake temple, because Recife they can get at the temple or maybe we can buy them another one at the temple when we go, but Robbie does a good job framing I thought it would be nice. Also M&M´s, chocolate, for each of them and gummy bears. If i think of anything else ill let you know and I’m sure there are things ill want you to buy for me to take home with us.

Ok well love you and until another week

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