Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elder Morais is Back!

I was talking today to another elder that said his parents are going to stay at a Radisson hotel here in Maceio and in Sergipe and for Recife they said the best western hotel. I haven’t gotten info on the temple yet and am trying to get that as soon as possible.

Yeah I got the driver thing for the most part, still working on details and negotiating, but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be there to pick you both up, if not he will be there.

Did you look for the internal hard drive?

So how will the hotel thing work? When we go to Sergipe will we take all our luggage with us or leave it at the hotel in Maceio? If we take it with us I’m not sure if it all fits in one taxi. Maybe we go by bus there and back.

I need to start contacting the people where we will lunch and dinner and get things organized.

So this last week I had diarrhea and my comp too and he was sick with the flu or something. At one of our lunch appointments that is way far away from our house, we ate an awesome lasagna and then right after I just looked at my comp and both of our stomachs ached and we almost didn’t make it home in time....hehe. I just told myself if I had to go through that experience again I would quit my mission hehe

So on another subject I got a call from President Beynon wanting a favor and took my only American comp away and sent me another...funny thing is I’ve already been his companion. It’s Elder Morais again!

So it’s not what I expected to happen, but I figured only 3 more weeks, so no problem, just like babysitting and being his friend.

So our man we are teaching is doing great and I think we will try and baptize him this week because he has no problems and is reading and praying and going to church and ready for baptism and will see if we can get some others in the water this week while we are at it.

So I need to go and if I get info on Recife I’ll email you.
Love you all tons and have a good week!

PS: my first time making brownies last night and they turned out perfect!

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