Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Last Conference Here

Ok Well mom yesterday was our conference so today is our p-day. I know you want me to write a lot, but I need to be going soon.

We might baptize this lady we are working with, but it won’t be easy. We had 4 people go to church last week and have been working good with the members here.
Yesterday was my last conference and got to say good bye to everyone and also got my itinerary and am going crazy wanting to do many things and planning many things etc...

So I guess we can make that get here Monday, Tuesday morning we go to Sergipe and stay the night there, Wednesday we come back to Maceio and spend that whole day there and then Thursday we go to Arapiraca for lunch and then from there to Palmeiras for dinner and return to Maceio that same night, then Friday we leave for Recife......sound good?

So hotels in Maceio, you want to find in Jatiuca or Paju├žara

For Sergipe you want to look for one in Atalia

So if that schedule seems good to you then try and figure out what hotel and where and days etc....

The temple rooms I have yet to find that one out but will get that one squared away this week.

So I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Love Brian

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