Friday, April 9, 2010

Conference Was Awesome!

Well it’s been another week! Conference was awesome and just don’t get enough of it. Just about all of the apostles talked about the importance of the family and parents teaching children etc....not exactly what a missionary gets excited to hear, but something the world really needs and I believe our family does a pretty good job with the things that were talked about. It was funny the prophet was talking about the aid the church gave to all the foreign countries and out of nowhere he says Arizona? What happened in Arizona?

The rainy season is getting started, but will be bigger when you guys get here. We’ve been teaching lots of people, but no one really firm or strong or ready for baptism.

We did nothing today for p-day and haven’t had anything special happen recently. The family we are teaching isn’t progressing good and we won't be wasting much more time with them, but I know someday they’ll accept the gospel.

So the only big thing we did was watch conference and I got to go visit a family in my last ward and ate lunch with them and dinner two days in a row, was fun and good food.

Today we made rice with hot dog for lunch and it will probably be our dinner too. Tonight we will visit some people and go to an activity at the church which I will imagine will have few people there.

Thanks for the pictures, they were funny and tell Gemma I’ll carry here when I get home. (Gemma broke her foot and has her cast off now, but still will not walk. She loves being carried).

Say hi to the Huber’s too and everyone else at the ward.

Loves n kisses Brian

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