Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Been Raining Like Crazy!

Well it’s been a good week. It has rained a ton this last week and has stopped a little, but goes on and off. I haven’t really seen the sun for about a week and still has yet to show its face. But I’m enjoying it and it makes the work a lot more fun. I think it rained hard for 3 days straight without stopping and was probably the most I’ve seen yet in my life.

We met some good people this week and marked 2 baptisms! So let’s see if we can get something going here....I feel like almost all the work is on my shoulders and I’m trying to help my comp do some of it, but it’s just not happening the way it should, but if we baptize I’ll just be happy.

I talked to President Beynon and I think he wants me to stay here another transfer and maybe with the same comp :( So there goes my idea of finishing it with my buddy in Maceio, but its all right and just one more transfer and plan on finishing it good and strong and baptizing.

I haven’t been taking pictures because I don’t like to walk around with a camera and I haven’t taken the time to go out and take pictures.

Oh yes we did eat rice mixed with hot dog last night and today for lunch, it’s is easy and cheap to make.

I love you and thanks for the pictures and prayers and everything.

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