Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Last Transfer...Back to Maceio

So my last six weeks! I was surprised that I was transferred to Maceio and of all comps I’m with Elder Lasley who is from Iowa! So wow my first American comp, and I’m practically training him because it’s his second transfer and he doesn’t speak much of the language, but in my opinion he is doing really good. The name of my last area is Tabuleiro and we have someone to baptize this Saturday! So I’m way exhausted still from my 5 hour trip here and the work we did last night.

Today for p-day we went to Benedito Bentes and ate lunch at Simone and Germanos house (the couple that will go with us to Recife) and then we went home. Today I also started cleaning our house and I bought claiming supplies to make it nicer. It was a huge mess and was surprised because it’s also where the assistants live, but we are all cleaning it up now. Tonight we will be having a movie night at the chapel and hope we get lots of investigators there, should be lots of fun.

So this last week was crazy. Elder Fraga and I were looking for a street on a reference we got and we ended up in a kind of far area and instead of finding the street we found a dead body and had lots of people around it looking at him. He had been murdered, shot a few times in the head and blood everywhere, and even the week before that there had been someone stabbed to death in that same area.

To answer a couple of your questions: No I don’t use sunscreen or bug repellent but yes everyone should use sunscreen and I don’t believe I will need repellent. Yes there have been missionaries that get Dengue fever and I have lived in some houses that had the type of mosquitoes that carry it. It’s been luck or protection of the Lord that I haven’t gotten it yet because I do get bites all the time. That is why a fan is good to have.

I will go ahead and ask if you can bring me a long sleeve shirt for the temple and a clean set of garments. Other than that I’m good to go for the temple and home. Also Simone told me that Elder Nye when he came with his family rented a van to take them everywhere with an on-call type of thing. Not sure how to get that set up, but she told me she thinks they got that from the hotel they where staying at. By the way, have you found the hotels that you want to stay at? Here in Maceio and Sergipe and Recife? Simone told me if we are going to stay at the rooms at the temple to call in advance because there could be many people from other parts doing trips to the temple and they could be full. So if we got a van we could fit everyone in it and all go together to the temple and it would be faster and cheaper to go to all my areas.

Ok well I need to go, sorry I sent like 10 pictures that for some reason failed to get to you and I also took more today, but forgot to bring it with me and don’t have the time to send it anyways.

Love you and have a great week.

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